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Plan of Action

Every journey starts with the first step.  Whether you are searching for your own unique path of local green action or are looking for resources to enhance your current one, GoGreenLocally provides a plan to help you be successful.

Our plan helps you gain more information, resources, and support to help increase community sustainability, and actions to increase the health of nature, people, and the planet.

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Gain Knowledge About Sustainability and Solutions to Improve Health for Nature, People, and the Planet

Visit our database of low-cost and mostly free courses (from multiple organizations) on sustainability, ecological regenerative solutions, and ways to support personal health.

Visit "Sustainability Database of Resources"

Visit "Green Healthy" Humans Resource Page


Subscribe to Local Event Lists and Connect, and Engage With Your Local Community

Subscribe for local green events.  Find out about things that you might currently not know about going on in your area.  Meet new people and make new friends.  Your shared interests may lead to new opportunities for action together.

Visit our Local Green Event Subscription Signup Page

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Step Up and Get More Involved

Look through the Group/Nonprofit directory and consider becoming a regular volunteer or member of a local group.  Consider starting a new group if you haven't found something that has quite aligned with your interests.

Lookup your local hub and click on Groups/Nonprofits

Lookup your local hub and click on Feature Podcast Link and see if there are any to check out.


Use GoGreenLocally
Shared Local Action Free Resources 

Whether you are a volunteer working on a local initiative, in an environmental nonprofit, in a green group, or in a small green business, you can learn more about the resources that GoGreenLocally supplies to help further your success.  We want all local green communities to succeed and push the boundaries of current local sustainability action.  Our free-sharing directories offer places to help you get the word out and we have a private membership Facebook group for green community members who are looking for more resources. 

Check out New Group Resources

Check out Local Green Businesses Resources Page

Find new action ideas listening to "Locals Share Green Action" podcast and learn from other actionists in other cities. 

Checkout Non-affiliated virtual green events from cities across the US and outside of the US

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Sign-up now for our first ebook in our new series:  Sustainable & Fun Group Activities Series, Vol. 1 SOWING AND GROWING TOGETHER - Group Activities & Events


Co-Create New Resources for Local Community Action - Join Our Green Teams or Collaborate With Us

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We are currently developing action packs for multiple types of local groups so that success is assured by providing resources needed to get the word out, provide solution-based actions, and engaging and fun activities that help the community and the group members.


We are looking for new team members and collaborators that would like to help us support communities across the US and eventually across world. 


Participate & Network

Check out local events and volunteer with local nonprofits, groups, and green businesses.  Meet new people that share your interests.

Lookup your local hub and click on Groups/Nonprofits

Join, Partner, or Pick a Team

Join or create a group, non-profit, or green business that you will enjoy and allows you to contribute your skills, and abilities.

If you're not finding a good fit, then checkout our local group menu page for new green community group ideas.  

Equip Yourself for Greater Success

Become a member of our "Local Green Community Actionists" group for free ideas, and resources shared throughout the year to help local groups, nonprofits, businesses, and initiatives become even more successful.

Listen to models of local action podcast episodes to hear stories, ideas, and advice from fellow local actionists across the US facing the same hurdles.

Checkout our database collection of various free and low-cost solution-based green action courses available from well respected ecologically-friendly organizations.