Local Community Outreach With

GoGreenLocally Org. Local Podcasts:

Image by Ian Harber

Our Northern Nevada Green Living Podcast Show Test Case:

As a nonprofit wanting to be better reach local communities across the US, we love the podcasting medium for the ease in creating content, finding local people to share their great work and the ease in which people can listen to the shows.  We started a local podcast for the Northern Nevada area and have been operating it for a little over 6 months.  For a relatively new local podcast, we are gaining attention.  Our thought was that if we are able to reach even a handful of local residents that are going to learn from the shows and take more action on what they are learning then this is worthwhile.  In addition, we know that it is quite expensive for small businesses, groups, and nonprofits to get the word out in typical media landscape.

We now want to scale up the project to include podcast shows for all of our 60 city/state hubs.  It will be our task in the coming months to create the intro and outro for the new local shows and reach out to local green nonprofits, regenerative farmers, and green businesses that want to share their story, events, or projects in their area.  This also allows us to cross promote signing up for free event list subscriptions to encourage more local participation.

Items to Consider to Before Recording:

  • We will post meetings to enroll people in contributing for the new shows.  Use our website contact page to let us know of your interest and you will send information on how to create and submit your material for approval to be added to the local podcast.

  • Any show content must be eco-friendly that works and supports natural ecosystems.  We do not support nuclear power, conventional agriculture, nor genetic engineering GMO products.  

  • Shows must be family-friendly without swear words that would need to be edited out.

  • Businesses that claim to be sustainable should be forthright about their business if they are not green or organically certified. They may share their sustainability or natural farming techniques, but should not give the impression that they are certified if they are not.

  • Good quality audio recordings are preferred and it is suggested that outdoor recordings be limited as the audio quality can be annoying enough to discourage listeners from listening to additional shows.

  • GoGreenLocally org. media release forms are required from all participants before shows can be uploaded.

  • Language and the overall attitude in local green GGL podcast shows should be respectful to maintain appeal and inclusion with the wider community without use of profanity, demeaning language, slander, or other behavior that will make others feel uncomfortable.