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Local Eco-Action Collaborative Resources & Peer Support Group 

This group is for people pursuing a greener lifestyle and trying to share and encourage others to do the same. Ignoring perfectionism we are seeking to challenge ourselves and create an understanding, collaborative, and encouraging space for all of our group members.

This group is supported by GoGreenLocally org, a 501c3 nonprofit environmental education organization that seeks to support grassroots action and local sustainable and regenerative systems that support the health of our people, nature, and our planet.

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Local eco-actions are doing purposeful things for ourselves, our families, and our community that make a difference for sustainability, nature, and our environment. We believe that these actions can and should be enjoyable as well.

Members will be given access to special events and resources not yet available outside of the group. We will strive to share the most cutting-edge educational eco-living resource information, digital tools, and resource links available, so they can be used to search, study, take personal action, and share with family, friends, and the community. 

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