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580 SW 12th Ave

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Tasty n Alder


from website: Tasty n Alder, a John Gorham restaurant in Downtown Portland, Oregon, is a modern steakhouse featuring a fun, family-style menu of innovative dishes with diverse international origins. The dinner menu is rooted in the traditional steakhouse concept featuring meats, seafood and salad served in a festive, energetic environment that encourages shared plates and imbibing. Tasty n Alder’s brunch menu is inspired by Chef Gorham’s travels and experiences with the vital immigrant community working in the restaurant industry whose own cultural traditions have helped re-shape American cuisine as a global collaboration of flavors. The beverage program boasts adventurous house cocktails, an approachable wine and beer list, and boozy milkshakes. In Tasty n Alder’s welcoming open dining space that is both urban and comfortable, a guest’s experience can be as versatile as the menu itself with seating at the lively bar, outdoor seats for the downtown Portland experience, or at a classic dining table

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