Easier parties...a potluck idea to save time and waste?

I think we can all agree that it's always more enjoyable when we get together with our friends and family over a meal. However, though I love to do that, I don't always have time to do all of the preparations. Here is an idea that allows you to save time and resources. Ask everyone to bring a large salad size serving bowl with one item to add to the salad bar. You as the host will provide the greens and a counter full of empty bowls. When the guest arrives, then dump their item into an empty bowl and now they gave their own salad bowl to start creating their own salad meal. It's also great for our family because everyone has their own way of eating. The vegans, the paleos and everyone else can add what they like to their own bowl and everyone is happy. It's become our new family favorite.

I have some extra large bowls around that I can give to guests to use if they didn't remember to bring their item in a bowl that they can use for their salad.

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