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Updated: Feb 14

When I was studying for my certificate in conflict resolution we were all given a problem that we had to solve. We had about 30 minutes to think about how to approach it and see if we could figure it out. When we presented our ideas on solving it, the only person who had the solution had suggested collaborating with someone else. It turns out that was the ONLY way to find a solution to that problem. I wish I could say I remember what the problem was, but it's been too long. I was just left with the very strong memory that a lot of problems are really only solved when working with others to find solutions and expanding the pie to look outside of our own lives to see solutions that can include others.

A few months back I sat down with a sheet of paper and tried to strategize on how someone could work with others to make large batches of food and then not have to cook so much and create so much waste from pre-packed foods. It took me a while and then I got it figured out. About a week ago I found an article on site that mentioned the very same idea. It is really a beautifully simple idea that has so many ways it could be helpful.

So you might get some family members or friends together and give it a try. If you do please share it on your local hub to share how it went.


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