US Pioneering & Creative Spirit Takes On Going Green!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The US has been criticized for not getting the country into the game to create clean, safe, eco-friendly and sustainable cities because of our recent policy, manufacturing, consumer and business choices. Well some in power may feel that way, but we the people have got game and we're ready to take this on with determination and strength.

We the people, the true pioneers who have always worked hard to overcome challenges to build lives for ourselves, have started to wake-up to the agenda of industries and policies that aren’t serving us any longer. Even more so, moms all over the country know that we don’t sell out the health of our food and environment, and jeopardize the health of our family just to sell products. We are now getting informed as to what we have been served and we’re walking away. We’ve had enough and are making better choices. No longer are we just reaching for the cheapest or fanciest choice products, we are looking for the things that aren’t going to keep a steady stream of poison and poor quality junk in our family’s lives and community.

Industry it’s time to wake-up and change course! You have the distribution chains and the knowledge. Just use all of that to offer better choices. A safe community for everyone, is SO worth it!

As for the cities that we all live in, that’s where the pioneering spirit of “WE THE PEOPLE” lives. That’s where every day we are jumping in to do things to learn and fix the problems. It’s the power of the people that moves change along the fastest. If we are lucky enough to have the time to get informed and jump in, we already know that we are the ONES to step up and find ways to get involved and share our own unique skills, creativity and inspiration.


Now it’s time to Get’R Done!

authored by Jenny Nichols



"Building a Cleaner Greener Future Together"

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