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Take Action Plan

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Look up your local online hub:

Get to know your local community through community sharing directories for: events, groups/nonprofits, business, online resources, promotions, and local support

Visit "Local Hub Look-up


Sign-up for Local Event Monthly Newsletters & Browse Our Educational Resources List

Actively participating with local groups and organizations while caring for the community and natural resources can help you network, and connect with other active locals.  The Resource list has various sustainability practices and environmental regeneration methods.

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Volunteer with a favorite local organization or start a new group or organization initiative.

Attend local events or volunteer with local nonprofits, groups, and green businesses.  Meet new people that share your interests.  Make new connections and engage in new activities.  Look for sustainability and local action initiatives that you enjoy the most and find meaningful.

As a member of your local green community,  contributions of time, skills, abilities, and passion are important to help to make initiatives successful.

If you can't find the kind of group and topic that you care about, then consider starting a new community group, initiative, or project.  GOGOREENLOCALLY has a list of ideas and resources to help you grow and promote one!

Lookup your local hub and click on Groups/Nonprofits

Virtual Team Meeting


Join our new private Facebook support group

Local Eco-Action Collaborative Support Group

Do you want to take some kind of local eco-action to help yourself, our people, and the planet?  We share information, support, and digital resources with our private group to support our individual and collective eco-actions.

Things we share freely: understanding, encouragement, support, ideas, inspirational stories, action resources, photos for local social media sharing (as noted), customizable graphics for your local eco events, helpful article links, and virtual group events and outside virtual eco events.

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