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Great Basin Co-op

The Great Basin Community Food Cooperative GCC is a community owned, full- service grocery store committed to serving as an access point for products that are socially just, environmentally sound, locally grown and produced when possible, organic and non-GMO when possible.
Delicious, nutritious, and wholesome, they prioritize purchasing from local farmers, ranchers, and producers, along with larger independent companies whose practices are in alignment with these guidelines.
Like many consumer food co-ops in the United States today, the Great Basin Community Food Co-op began when a few people got together to create a business that would meet a mutual need to increase community access to affordable, sustainable, local and wholesome food that enriches the health of the Northern Nevada's environment and economy.
Their purpose is to promote our local food system and to serve as a sustainable, cooperative model for access to wholesome food.
A food system includes all of the processes and infrastructure involved in feeding the population, growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption and nutrient recycling and composting.
After 18 years of grassroots development and fundraising, the Great Basin Co-op is now a dynamic retail space cherished by the community.
We hope you too will enjoy this local community food co-op and participate in the many community projects they host as well.

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