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Jenny NIchols

My path of green action is using my past experiences as a mom, as a small upcycling business owner, as an organic Permaculture gardener, and as an administrative assistant to help promote more sustainable, eco-friendly living with our local communities throughout our country.


Yashila Sanchez

My path of green action is using my degree and experience in marketing, my knowledge of Permaculture, my skills in photography, and my love of nature to craft a life that supports my local community and local ecosystems.

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Sally Mitchell

My path of green action is growing my own organic gardens, and sharing products from them with family and friends while continuing my career as a nurse.  I also try to practice more natural alternative forms of healing: including spiritual practices and hypno-therapy.

Local Hub Ambassadors - Go Green Locally Team Leaders


Isabeau - Central Florida Hub

My path of green action is creating awareness and enthusiasm around urban gardening within my own community. In 2020 my husband and I started a community shared garden, with food insecurity on the rise we wanted to help ensure that our neighborhood had access to fresh produce without having to worry about the cost of organic food. 


Johari - Louisiana Hub

My path to green action is to develop a career that inspires community members to continue uplifting their society by leveraging my expertise in anthropology, sociology and education to increase awareness about a sustainable world.  


Rebecca - Sacramento Hub

My path of Green action has been volunteering in and educating myself about permaculture, local food systems, and several models of connecting people back to their sources of food. I believe this reconnection is at the heart of community, environmental, social, and individual healing.  I have a degree in art and have studied many subjects including herbology, botanical illustration, nutrition, massage therapy, bio-dynamic gardening, and mandalas.  I have a small organic garden and I love to spend time in nature.

Featured Local Story Interviewers 

Feature Story Interviewer :  Brooke Sedlmayr

Denver, Colorado 

Brooke lives in the Denver area, is an animal lover who’s obsessed with astrology, crafting, and reducing her footprint. After studying fungal ecology and coral reefs from the University of Hawaii, she is ready to get her hands dirty to prepare the local community for climate change. We’re in this together, one solution at a time!

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Feature Story Interviewer:  T. Addison Brown

Los Angeles, California Hub

Addison Brown is the podcast host of "PODCAST | WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ?" She is also conducting interviews for feature stories which are part of "LA Spotlight Green" podcast for the Los Angeles online hub.​

"What Are We Doing Here?" is taking a deeper dive into changes humans must make in the midst of the world's 6th mass extinction.  Using bold storytelling and lived experience; conservationist - filmmaker, taddison brown and youth activist, Marley Alabanza chat it up with a broad range of guests....Check it out here 

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Feature Story Interviewer:  Tracy Brinkmann

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hub

Tracy Brinkmann is the podcast host of Dark Horse Entrepreneur Schooling and is also conducting interviews for feature stories which are part of "Milwaukee Sharing Local Green" podcast.

Tracy's story:  From hitting the rock bottom of drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and even the death of an 18 month old daughter. To running the planning & marketing departments of some of corporate America’s finest companies to his own company helping driven entrepreneurs & coaches, scale their businesses, by crystalizing and monetizing their passions, is hosting his own podcast focused on Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneurs. 

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IT Support:


Alan Nichols

My path of green action is using 40 plus years in media and electronics engineering to back-up the gogreenlocally website and podcasting work.  I love to research and share information about solar systems and other local and national green solutions that can help our planet.