Why Go Green.....and Why Locally

It's easy in our modern society to feel like we each live in our own bubble.  But if we really analyze it, everything that we do affects every part of the whole community.  This includes the foods we eat, the products and services that we use, and the way we use local resources.  Are those choices keeping our air, water, and soil clean?  Even if we live in one part of the city or another, it's pretty hard to contain chemicals long-term.  Wind currents spread things, aquifers flow together and rain and snow bring it back to the ground.  Those toxins end up in our oceans, rivers, soil, plants, foods, animals and eventually in us.  There are lots of chemicals we are using daily in our homes, yards, and workplaces and many that are known to be toxic, acutely toxic and many others that have not been fully tested.


With that said, if we design our daily lifestyle choices and communities to use the least amount of toxic inputs and require the least amount of resources to be mined or logged locally or from far off places, then that reduces household, community, and industrial pollution.  In addition, if we use sustainable materials that can be easily grown, recycled and produced with the least amount of toxic inputs, then our communities can be considerably more sustainable.


Our only focus can not just be on racing for the cure for the damage caused due to toxic pollution and exposure but also on finding the causes of those exposures and replacing polluting practices and products.  Let's make a positive effort to get informed and take individual and collective action locally that deliberately steers our communities in a better direction for cleaner and healthier: air, water, land, food, animals, and people.


We at GOGREENLOCALLY hope that through getting informed and organized, that community will form more local groups to start practicing ways to make an impact through different activities as well as regenerative agriculture and gardening.  Regenerative agriculture/gardening includes many wonderful methods to increase soil biology which in turn creates natural carbon-sinks, moisture sponges, and more nutrient-dense crops.  These soil building solutions help communities to better survive droughts, flooding events and can replenish groundwater over time.


By supporting businesses that are investing in cleaner, greener, and more sustainable choices, we are creating the future community we want to see for us all.  The more we work with others in the community, the more encouraged and empowered we can feel to help each other and the community as a whole.  Taking positive steps with daily action will help us move towards a happier, healthier community.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi 



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