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46 Bailey Road

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farm direct sales and You-Pick

Easy Pickin's Orchard


Easy Pickin's Orchard is a pick-your-own farm in Enfield, CT. Since opening in 1992, we've expanded "what we grow" to include tree fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs & flowers. We aim to provide good, fresh produce to our customers, who enjoy, appreciate and support local agriculture -- what we grow and how we grow it. In addition to "pick-your-own," we sell our produce at the farm and at several farmers' markets, summer & winter. We also offer a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. In apple-picking season, we have special activities; all season long we welcome visitors of all ages to enjoy grocery shopping outdoors: fresh produce in the fresh air. Know your food and where it comes from; know your farmer; keep it local. We'll see you here, where the pickin' is easy

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