We provide the information, resources and support for local people to take individual and collective action to transform their cities into sustainable, eco-friendly, socially just, and environmentally regenerated green cities.




We work to achieve local communities where people value each other and the environment and live satisfying lives within the capacity of healthy and flourishing wildlife and earth.


-Providing a free platform for local businesses to share their businesses: some that are certified and some that are striving towards certification and are using resources and labor in a way that cares for people and the planet.

-Educating community and empowering people to share with others how to live green lifestyles that are healthier, more satisfying and more protective of all people, wildlife and the planet.

-To provide help to create, support and share small and large local community groups that create and implement sustainable and eco-friendly models for every city sector.

-To promote opportunities for individuals and groups to transform all available land in their communities into regenerative earth models to support clean air, clean water, clean food and aquifers that are able to be replenished from year-to-year.

"Building a Cleaner Greener Future Together"

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & Regenerative