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Stanford, KY 40484

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(606) 355-7242

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Peaceful Heritage Nursery and Farm


from website: Why buy your fruiting plants and trees from us?
To start with, we are a hard-working American family-owned and operated Certified Organic farm and nursery specializing in fruit trees and fruiting/edible perennials. This is what we do. We grow, trial and test over 100 varieties of fruits and over 25 species of edible plants. When you buy your trees and plants from us, you are not only buying the plant. We in turn provide high-quality information and customer service to help you decide which fruit trees make the most sense for you. Via this website, we provide free, first-class, in-depth and accurate, trustworthy information on the plants and species we sell that you cannot easily just find browsing random websites on the Internet.

If you buy your fruit trees from one of the big box stores or another nursery that “just happens to also sell fruit trees,”then you never know what you’re getting. Try asking any of their employees for information on a particular fruit tree variety or species and see what happens.