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925 Riverside Dr, Reno, NV 89503

Telephone number:

(805) 657-3377

farmers market

Riverside Farmer's Market - Year-Round


from website: Come enjoy Reno's only year-round farmers market! The Riverside Farmers Market is dedicated to truly local farmers, ranchers, and artisans, all coming from a narrow radius around the Reno area. All of our producers are dedicated to organic, sustainable, or regenerative practices, and the same standards apply to the food vendors who join our market.

Our intent is simple: we want our market to be where you can actually meet your farmer (no middlemen here) and you can count on getting clean, chemical-free, nutrient-dense food. It's the way open-air markets of long ago naturally were, and it's the kind of market worth making a part of your weekly routine.

The Riverside Farmers Market runs every Saturday from 9am-12pm, October through May. From June through September, it runs on Thursday evenings from 4pm - 8pm. We have enough local food producers in our area to warrant a market in the winter, so we hope you'll enjoy getting the freshest and cleanest local foods at our market each week, all year long!

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