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6612 Kennebec Rd #9746, Willow Spring, NC 27592

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Willow Spring

from website: Sign Up For The Summer CSA NOW!!
January marks the start of the new year for our Hilltop Farm CSA program, and our thoughts and preparations turn toward the spring planting. A CSA (membership farm) relies on its members to join in the winter months to provide the farm with "seed money" as they buy seed, fertilizer, fix tractors and so on for the coming year. In return for their support in the process, the members receive a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh spring and summer veggies during the harvest season.
As an incentive to join early and aid in these preparations we are offering a free Hilltop Farm T-Shirt (pictured below) to any first-time member who joins by the end of the January! The shirts are made from 100% US, certified organic cotton and completely spun, cut, sewn, dyed and printed in the Carolinas!