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8490 Honeycutt Rd #108, Raleigh, NC 27615

Telephone number:

(919) 872-3333


Watkins Flowers of Distinction


from website: we search for only the finest, freshest flowers and process them properly. We source from local growers and wholesalers. We keep our flower buckets bacteria-free; and, we cut, hydrate, and feed all of our flowers upon arrival. Yes, this costs more; but, the results are fresher, longer-lasting flowers that will bring beauty and joy into your life for an extended period and provide you with greater value for your purchase.
Our shop is state-of-the-art. We strive to be a conscious, caring global citizen. All of our equipment, from the walk-in cooler to all-LED store lighting, is low-energy usage and high-efficiency. Our reach-in floral cooler runs on hydrocarbon refrigerants which impacts minimally on the environment and is the most pollution-free technology currently available. Our designers work at stations normally seen in the biotechnology industry. They are mobile, have height-adjustable tables, built-in electrical outlets that eliminate the need for extension cords, and high-tech floor mats to minimzie the physical drain our designers feel while standing at their stations for hours at a time. We eliminated sinks that tend to spawn flower-killing bacteria in favor of an overhead water source system at each work station.

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