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4736 Tennessee Ave, St. Louis, MO 63111

Telephone number:

(573) 999-6293

flower farm

Urban Buds

St. Louis

We grow more than 70 different kinds of flowers on our farm - from ruffly ranunculus and daffodils in the spring to colorful kale and dinnerplate dahlias in the fall, we specialize in growing flowers that are "locally grown, not flown." Environmental sustainability is paramount, so our flowers are grown with the use of Integrated Pest Management techniques, cover crops, compost, minimal tillage, and drip irrigation rather than harmful chemicals. The flowers are grown in our field, in a high tunnel, and in a heated glass greenhouse. It's pretty impressive for two ladies in the middle of the city. Our flowers are lush, fragrant, unusual and beautiful; there's nothing quite like them anywhere in St. Louis.

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