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5525 South Virginia St, Reno Nevada 89502

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recycling bottles

Conscious Container

Reno - recycling 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles

they "create, deliver and scale a refillable glass bottle ecosystem to reduce the environmental impact and economic costs of single-use glass bottles.
Our purpose is to take our ‘single use’ glass bottle system and respectfully change into a ‘refillable’ glass bottle ecosystem. We accomplish this by creating the platform for innovative, impact driven partners, policymakers and individuals to collaboratively bring change to this marketplace."

"In Northern Nevadan’s we offer an ‘Incentive Based’ collection program. Simply save your qualified* empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles in cases (24 bottles) and drop-off at either of the two Great Basin Brewing brewpubs in Sparks or Reno. You will receive a $1 credit for a case of qualifyed* empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles or a Free Pint for a case of empty Great Basin Brewing 12oz long neck bottles. These bottles will cleaned and refilled by a craft brewer."

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