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Farmageddon (1080p) FULL MOVIE - Documentary, Drama, Health and Wellness

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The story of a mom whose son was healed from all allergies and asthma after consuming raw milk, and real food from farms. It depicts people all over the country who formed food co-ops and private clubs to get these foods, and how they were raided by state and local governments.
Farmageddon tells the story of family farms who were providing healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop by agents of misguided government bureaucracies.

Recyclart Online Source for Recycled & Upcycled ideas!

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Tap Into our Database of 5.9k Recycled Ideas: ideas, pdf plans, new ideas, and see the best of all ideas. There is also a page to connect you to upcycled artists on Etsy.

Permaculture Water Summit 2022 Replays

ecological landscape design

Permaculture provides a roadmap for designing the human environment for resilience and abundance, and the Permaculture design system has a strong focus on developing regenerative water systems. The Permaculture Water Summit has invited a number of experienced speakers to share tangible solutions to various water crises we face around the world. Many solutions are simple, cheap, effective, and proven, and many problems could be solved if people just had the information. The goal of the conference is information dissemination. We want to get high quality proven solutions to various water problems out into the hands of whomever they will be useful to. Andrew Millison
Andrew Millison is an innovative educator, storyteller and designer. He founded the Permaculture Design education program at Oregon State University (OSU) in 2009. Andrew serves as an Education Director and Senior Instructor who offers 25 years of experience, and a playful approach to regenerative design.Raleigh Latham
Raleigh Latham is the organizer of the Global Permaculture Water Summit. His passion for ecology, filmmaking, marketing and storytelling extends to all aspects of his life…especially concerning the restoration of ecosystems. He is the cofounder of the Soil Foodweb School and Water Stories.

Become a Water Restoration Practitioner

ecological landscape design

Learn how to restore the health and vitality of Earth's water systems, no matter where you are.

Next Class Starts January 2023Practical Pathways
The Core Course is designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to take effective action and achieve results. There are three pathways to choose from to ensure that each student can reach their unique goals.

Do you want to earn your livelihood healing the Earth and bringing water back to land? If your answer is yes, this course is for you. The Core Course will train you with essential skills to establish or enhance your career as a land regeneration professional. You will learn all of the facets of providing water cycle restoration services, from how to get work and create estimates, to delivering finished projects. This course prepares you with everything you need to step into a vocation as a water restoration practitioner, including mentorship and a professional community dedicated to progress, success, and support.

Land Steward
Land stewards like farmers, gardeners, and land managers face uncertainty from water scarcity and climatic extremes. This course will guide you in enhancing the health of your landscape through partnership with natural processes. You will learn how to create water retention interventions, maximize the health of your local ecosystems, and create eco-oases suitable to your context, soil type, and climate. You’ll gain the insights you need to steward your land with confidence, whether doing the work yourself, or working with others. Above all, you’ll see a new potential to rehydrate your land, and make it beautiful and abundant for generations.

Water Advocate
Become a voice for the voiceless. You can make an incredible impact on your ecosystem, local water cycle, and climate by being an advocate for water and nature. The living systems of Earth don’t have a voice within human decision making - they rely on us to speak for them. Students in the Core Course will learn how to create community movements for water restoration and how to develop political, legal, and organizing strategies to help facilitate changes on a large scale. Raising awareness is an essential first step in restoring the health of our planet. No matter your age, location, or background, you can make a difference in restoring the Water Cycle. This course takes a minimum of 6 months to complete and is structured as a membership to the Water Stories course platform. You can pay for 6 months of access up front, or pay on a monthly basis as you go.

You are welcome to go at your own pace and take longer to complete the course if you like, with the option to continue your subscription after the initial 6 months until you have completed all of the course work in order to receive certification and the alumni discount.

$485 per month
- or -
$2,910 for 6 months of access

Money Saving Guide to Going Green

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About CouponFollow
CouponFollow was born in 2010 with a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of hustle. Founder and CEO Marc Mezzacca was intrigued by the popular trend of people sharing coupon codes on Twitter and Facebook but found it to be unorganized and overwhelming.

So, he set out to create something that would help sort through the coupons being shared and help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for to help them save money.

At first, CouponFollow’s website utilized Twitter’s API to find popular codes, with those mentioned more often on social media ranking higher on CouponFollow.

Today our algorithm no longer relies solely on social media, but a much larger community (that we'd love you to join)!

Grow-It-Yourself Garden Training and 12- Month Support Package

ecological landscape design

Learn to grow your own at-home garden so that you can serve your family
the most nutrient-dense, local food that money can't buy. You’ll learn how to:

design your garden space
create a list of plants that are perfect for your location, and
have access to the resources and tools to grow an abundant garden. 2 Ways We Might Be Able to Help You:
1. Want to make your organic food garden dream a reality?
Learn more about our Grow-It-Yourself / GIY Program!
2. Get or give the gift of monthly seeds!
Subscribe to Seed Samplers: Curated, seasonal seeds for your or your loved one.

Introduction to Environmental Sustainability

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Alison website: Learn about the basic necessities of life, environmental sustainability, and sustainable and non-sustainable materials.
Publisher: Walkgrove
This free online Environmental Sustainability course will teach you about the basics of environmental sustainability. Everything we do affects our environment and the people that live in it. This online course teaches about the varieties of energy and resources found around the world, environmental impacts, transport, sustainable communities, globalization, and fair trade.

Free Plant Based Cooking Courses online

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Learn vegan cooking with the free vegan cooking tutorials and online courses.

The Natural Step Sustainability Primer Canada - Step by Natural Step

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From the Book: Sustainability is about creating the kind of world
we want for ourselves, our neighbours, and future
generations. It challenges us to live our lives and
make decisions as individuals, organizations and
societies so that we make sure that future generations have access to the same opportunities
and quality of life that we do."

Sustainability Courses edX

integrating sustainability

Take free online sustainability courses that focus on renewable energy, environmental protection and sustainable development. Learn about the science of sustainability and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods - Playbook

integrating sustainability

Resource offered by Farmers Footprint to help integrate nontoxic solutions for your community

Free Online Environment and Nature Courses

integrating sustainability

Free courses. How is our need for energy and resources shaping the environmental challenges for tomorrow? Explore the natural world, and understand the causes and impact of climate change, with our online environment and biology courses.

Choose a Nature & Environment topic
Climate Change
Food Tech

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