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upcycling clothing


Spanish Springs

from Etsy: I love the concept of repurposing clothing. I am a retired 4th grade teacher, and always encouraged my students to recycle anything we could recycle. I even had a jar for used batteries in my class.
To make my clothing designs, I search for clothing made from good quality fabric in colors that will combine well. To me this is like making a quilt! I wash all fabrics before cutting clothes apart. I then look for color and fabric combinations that are pleasing. I lay out parts in different formations and finally decide what style will work best for the parts and fabrics I am using. After a piece is complete, I wash them again to get the tattered, un-ironed, funky final look.
Sometimes, my final pieces have tattered ends, but not always. The clothes I make are comfortable to wear, yet figure flattering.
I am happy to customize a piece of clothing that has been paid for. I can add ties, patches, lace, or whatever. Email me with your questions.

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