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878 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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Salt Lake

from website: FARM TO TABLE
We believe the closer we are to the farm, the fresher the food, so we serve quality and organic products from local farms and local artisans. This means menus and specials that change with the seasons, featuring the best items we can find at any time of the year.

"Farm to Table" is a trendy concept these days, with many restaurants claiming to use farm to table and local ingredients. We try to uphold this concept fully -- meaning we do not simply source a handful of items from a local (or semi-local) producer when it's convenient, we aim for every item on our menu to be locally sourced, and often when the item is no longer available or in-season, we simply change our menu to offer something else that is.

We purchase great local products from local farms and producers, like Beehive Cheese, Clifford Family Farms, Fog River Seafood, Montague Farms, Sweet Valley Organics, and Wasatch Meats

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