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Humans are responsible for most of the trash that flows into our waters from waste on land. In recent years, our beaches, rivers and streams have been littered with garbage - turning them into a hazardous environment for aquatic wildlife. This trash may also contain chemicals that can hurt wildlife and humans who are exposed to it.


As members of a community who value our natural resources and special places, more and more communities are taking time to organize groups to pickup and remove trash along the shore and in the water. This Waterway Cleanup Action Package is designed to help community members: enjoy a social event, and a meaningful activity, and improve the quality of water in our rivers, lakes, streams and creeks.


This action package contains:

  • Information on why, how, when, and where

  • Planning worksheets

  • Ideas of types of community organizations to be invited to participate or sponsor the event

  • Checklists

  • Letter templates

  • Basic release of liability forms to customize with your own legal consultant

  • Greening your event ideas

  • Customizable graphic content to share with social media

  • Customizable surveys for after the event

Beach/Waterway Cleanup Event Action Package

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