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If you've never heard of a clothing swap event, it's a fun and often social event where people trade items of clothing they no longer wear. It's wonderful for reducing waste and enabling individuals to shop for new items without needing to buy fast-fashion clothing. Other advantages include:



-Fun socializing

-Being eco-friendly

-Saving money

-Small events are simple to hold.

-Extra clothing can be donated after the event.


This package has assembled lots of the things that you will want to have to organize either a smaller intimate event, and even ideas and resources for larger events. Some of the many things that your package will include are helpful video and blog resource links, Google worksheets for planning, customizable digital graphics for sharing with social media, sample letter templates, press release template, checklists, ideas on when, where, and how to hold the event, and more.


The sale of these action packages fund our 501c3 nonprofit so we can bring you even more cutting- edge resources for local eco-action.

Clothing Swap Event Action Package

SKU: 671253175371
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Within 24 hours after your purchase you will receive a link to give you access to your digital action package. 

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