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Princeton Reuse

Princeton Reuse, a nonprofit with three years of impactful work, is leading the way in deconstruction projects that salvage materials from buildings, offering a myriad of benefits beyond just cost savings.

Their commitment to sustainability is clear as they reduce the need for new resources, preserving our environment. Impressively, up to 90% of deconstruction materials are salvageable, a testament to their efficient waste reduction.

Princeton Reuse's approach saves money for people donating the materials because they don't have to pay for demolition, transportation, and disposal costs. This approach also contributes to fewer disposal facilities, potentially reducing associated environmental issues.

In addition, because Princeton Reuse is a 501c3 nonprofit, builders can take a tax deduction for a donation of materials, which further incentivizes sustainable practices. While Princeton may not yet mandate salvaged materials in new projects, Princeton Reuse's forward-thinking approach sets an example for the industry, advocating for a more sustainable future.

For builders that are looking to build more sustainably, they can also enjoy costs savings by purchasing salvaged materials.

Princeton Reuse is not just about cost-effective deconstruction; they're sustainability champions, offering financial and environmental rewards. Their dedication to a greener future is a beacon of hope for our community.


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