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How to Add a Local Listing to a Hub Directory

Screenshots below show you the basic steps of adding listings to any of the directories.  They all have an

"+ Add" button on the directory page.  After you click the button, you sign-in, and then fill out the forms to enter new: events, groups, businesses, online resources, promotions, or local projects/support.

Each of the categories corresponds with a category image.  If you don't upload your own photo, then website category images will appear with your listing.  Below is a list of the images that display for events, so you can choose which one you want to use if you don't have an image.  

If you have any problems, we are happy to help fix your listing in our database if you click the "Tech Support" page in the menu above.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 153557.png
GGL Sign-in Page.png
Category Image not sure.png
Add event form
Category images 2.png
Category images.png
Category images 3.png
Category Image not sure.png

not sure category image

category 5.png
category images 7.png
category images 8.png
category images 6.png

After you've finished filling out the form and saved it you will see the screen below.  From here you can toggle to your other listings if you have created others. 


If you need to open another type of listing and the page isn't opening then click on another from the group and then go back to the page type you are trying to open.  The page is a little quirky in this way.

If you ever need to edit a listing you can click on it and make changes and save it again.  There is also a delete button at the bottom of each page as well.

Listing User Menu.png
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