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Maine Shares Local Green

This new podcast show, interviews local green nonprofits, groups, and businesses that are actively working on sustainability and actions to make a cleaner, greener community. We speak with local: sustainable farmers, green business owners, environmental nonprofits leaders, and eco-group organizers. Getting to know them better can help us to know who and what we might want to support, learn more about, volunteer for, or collaborate with. Getting to know our green community can also support our own path of green action.


If you’d like to nominate someone, or a group, business, or nonprofit in your community to be interviewed, then please call 929-GO-GREEN and let us know in a message.

A link will be displayed above this paragraph when new episodes are ready.

Once a month we serve up a list of local green events found by the community and our volunteers.  To get this served up when it's freshest, then subscribe here.

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Thanks for taking action with your local community

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