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We are starting production on this show shortly. If you are interested in sharing a local group, nonprofit, or a green local service business, to be interviewed, then please call 929-GO-GREEN and leave us a message. We’ll be happy to connect with you and find out more.
Stay tuned to learn more about your green community! We love to share local green nonprofits, groups, and businesses that are actively working on sustainability and actions to make a cleaner, greener community. We speak with local: sustainable farmers, green business managers/owners, environmental nonprofits leaders, and eco-group organizers. Getting to know them better can help us to know what we might want to support, learn more about, volunteer for, or collaborate with. We also learn about opportunities they provide to get involved in activities that help make a difference.

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Locals Share Green Action  

Gogreenlocally org. is a Nevada 501c3 nonprofit formed by a few green community members

who wanted to do something to help the environment and communities across the US by creating a place where people can find out and share what's available in their local area.

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