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Telephone number:

(913) 203-5204

zero waste delivery service

Pantry Goods

Kansas City

From Pantry Goods: We are a Farm to Pantry delivery service working with local Kansas and Missouri small farmers and small farmers in the USA and abroad.

Pantry Goods supports small farmers, heritage and heirloom varieties of food, organic and non-gmo practices and sustainable packaging.

Our farmers use regenerative agriculture practices which promote the health of our soils, water, air and biodiversity. Our meat and eggs are pasture raised and grass fed.

We deliver within a 35 mile radius of Kansas City weekly. We use the milkman model for distribution, which means you get your delivery once a week on a particular day, depending on which area you are in.

We are minimal waste!! We offer food in returnable packaging. Once you are done with our packaging, simply put it out for collection on your next delivery day.

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