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3738 Lexington Rd, Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Telephone number:

(502) 498-2341


LIFEbar A Living Food Cafe


from website: 2 sites in Louisville. Our Approach....Nourishing the body begins with simplicity and transparency. We use only whole, organic, plant-based foods. Our all-natural products are prepared and served raw, allowing them to maintain their nutrient-dense properties. For most of our recipes, you can count the number of ingredients on one hand.
No flavorings, additives or fillers
No dairy, soy, gluten or peanuts
No processed or refined sugars
We believe in authenticity. Our juices and nut milk are made in-house by hand. Juices are cold-pressed during a meticulous process that preserves the integrity of the raw fruits and vegetables. High-quality, raw almonds and cashews are soaked in filtered water and combined with natural, whole spices and superfoods, and are never heated or processed.

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