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3258 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406

Telephone number:

(612) 720-8768

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Two Bettys Green Cleaning


Two Bettys is eco + friendly. We believe it’s not only possible to be good to people and the planet at the same time, it’s imperative. And it’s good business.

At Two Bettys, everyone is an entrepreneur – we solve problems, take initiative, and innovate our way to excellence.

We strive to provide service that makes our clients want to give us a shout-out. When you refer another client to our services, you create another job in your community that pays a living wage.
Two Bettys serves our cleaners. We provide a living wage, health insurance, and a 401K to our employees.

Two Bettys is honest, authentic, and accountable. We’re reliable and dependable. We show up when we say we will and do a great job. If we make a mistake, we own it and make it right.

Two Bettys fosters a community of supporters. Whether it’s at the local farmer’s market, a networking event for social enterprises, or the State Capitol, we’re showing up for our community wherever we can.
Two Bettys has been woman-owned and run for over 10 years. This makes ours a rare success story that we’re proud to share with other entrepreneurs (and anyone else who wants to hear about it).

We shop our values so you can shop yours. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint, offered more comprehensive benefits to our employees, and are continually innovating towards higher standards of excellence.

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