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(775) 830-8822

Permaculture Landscape Design



from website: We engage both the client and landscape to brainstorm design solutions to existing problems.
We begin with an interactive assessment to understand opportunities and constraints then outline multiple pathways to abundance
Experienced in many climates, we offer Water Harvesting, Erosion control, Topsoil Generation, Weed Management plans, Agroforestry Planning and Crop Diversification, and more.
Using an evolving toolkit for Watershed Regeneration we strive to rehydrate landscapes and livelihoods.
Regrarians® Platform
Keyline Design®
Farm, Ranch, and Homestead
Our whole systems design process clarifies client and project context to initiate a design dialogue between client vision and landscape potential.
We offer Hands-on Training. and Multimedia presentations to expand the application of Regenerative Land Stewardship.
Multi-day Training Short Presentations
​Workshops Conferences
Schools Non-Profits Community Groups
We empower attendees with tools they can apply at home and landscape scales.

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