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Resources for Individual Actionists

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Whether you are new to incorporating sustainability into your daily life or you are a veteran environmental steward, there are always new things to learn that will better support nature, our people, and our planet.  Most of the resources of GoGreenLocally org. are focused on things that we can do with our communities.  People may start off by shopping at local farmer's markets that sell produce from local sustainable farms, and move into joining a local green event activity in the area.  After this it might be listening to a local podcast and getting to know locals taking on solution-based action in the area.  The next step might be joining an existing green community group, or volunteering with a local environmental nonprofit.  And for others. it might be starting a small sustainable business, forming a new group, or transforming an existing business into a more sustainable version.  

Whatever your own path of green action looks like, our nonprofit is committed to making it smoother and more successful.  We are actively seeking and sharing the small and large solutions we come across that are shared with us by many local green actionists on similar paths.  By passing on their stories and the new solutions and improved systems they've developed, it helps us all to find better results for caring for nature, our people, and our planet.  

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