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Northern Nevada Green Living Podcast

A show for sharing information, resources, and events that are local and support sustainable eco-friendly communities. The show interviews sustainable farms, green nonprofits, eco-friendly gardeners, and local green businesses. The show strives to promote a strong community that is striving to live and take action on earth-friendly values.
To share information with the show call 929-GOGREEN and leave a message. GOGREENLOCALLY ORG. is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides free listing directories for cities and states across the US to support taking individual and collective action to live sustainably and to clean, protect and repair the environment. The aim is to create stronger, cleaner, and greener local economies.

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Locals Share Green Action  

Gogreenlocally org. is a Nevada 501c3 nonprofit formed by a few green community members

who wanted to do something to help the environment and communities across the US by creating a place where people can find out and share what's available in their local area.

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