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Riverside Farmer's Market

The Riverside Farmer's Market is a great year-round place, for anyone who loves fresh, local produce and a lively community atmosphere. Located in the heart of downtown Reno, right along the river, this market offers a wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh meats, baked goods, and artisanal crafts. They are open on Sunday morning year-round.
One of the standout features of the Riverside Farmer's Market is the incredible variety of products available and the commitment to sourcing from producers that are from as tight of a circle around Reno as possible and farming as sustainably as possible. The market is home to dozens of vendors, each offering its own unique selection of fruits and vegetables.
In addition to the wide variety of fresh produce, the Riverside Farmer's Market is also home to a number of fantastic artisanal food vendors. From freshly baked bread and pastries to small-batch jams and sauces, there's no shortage of delicious treats to sample and take home. And for those who want to enjoy a meal on the spot, there are plenty of food vendors selling everything from tacos and burgers to hot dogs and crepes.
But what really sets the Riverside Farmer's Market apart is the sense of community that pervades the whole space. Whether you're chatting with a friendly vendor, sampling some fresh fruit, or just soaking up the bustling atmosphere, there's a palpable sense of joy and camaraderie that's hard to find anywhere else. It's the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon with friends or family, or to grab a quick lunch on a busy workday.
In the tour notes we’ve added the list of vendors and made notes about some of the food and artisan food vendors that are growing organically, regeneratively, or using organic ingredients. Not all of the vendors are at the market every week, so contact them directly, if you are looking for something specific. There may be separate tours for some of their vendors, so keep an eye out in the virtual location list to find them.
Prema Farm - This is a 1.5-acre, certified organic, no-till farm offering high-quality vegetables and flowers to the Truckee Meadows area through CSA memberships, farmer's markets, and local restaurants.
First Fruits Sustainable Farm - This is a family-owned farm that is regenerating the land to grow nutrient-dense food. They are using regenerative and holistic management methods.
Down to Earth Composting - info can be found in their own stop of the tour
MwintSoph Enterprises - baked goods, vegan available, and African food catering
Radiant Valley Organics - small certified organic farm - humanely raised pork
Little Fish Co - small commercial fishing vessel caught - wild-caught seafood
Sierra Roots Wellness - small batch herbal apothecary
Beloved's Bread - organic, artisanal, sourdough
Terroir Herbals - herbals hand-made in small batches using locally grown ingredients with an emphasis on plants that thrive in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Reno Roots Nursery - Small home-based nursery - with unusual and hard-to-find houseplants
River School Farm - information can be found at their own stop on this tour
Tallac Coffee Co - local business owners that use only biodegradable packaging and promote environmental awareness
Miller Ranch Bison - Bison are free-range and graze on high-quality forages without antibiotics and hormones. - Direct selling to consumers
Snowball Ranch - 2nd Saturday of the month - organically grass-only fed, humanely raised
Fisk Farm - sells at multiple farmer’s markets, sells herb seedlings, and honey
MB Art Studio - porcelain and textile hand-made daily reminder crafts
Pasta Fresca handmade organic pasta, ingredients sourced locally.
Zawadisha - hand-crafted baskets from rural women in Kenya helping to finance their livelihoods
Smokin Joe's BBQ -
The Wasteless Shop - info available in their own stop on this tour
Extremely Emollient - are listed under local personal care producers in the tour. Check out their podcast interview
Lowenkind Bakery - organic, gluten-free baked desserts from a European baker. Check out her podcast interview with us!
Sierra Wood Design - hand-crafted wood products: cutting boards and serving pieces
Rebel Bakery - organic ingredients without hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or colors
Aura BeadWorks - custom-made essential oil bracelets
Biggest Little Mushrooms - All organic and sustainably grown in a Reno Urban farm by our local founder of GreenVibe World. Check out his local Podcast Interview!
Sugar Love Chocolates - local award-winning candy maker
Welcome Lavender - locally grown dried lavender products
Sierra Nevada Hemp - CBD products
Thunder Cat Leathers - leather work uniquely-created and custom-designed available
Cirque du Ferments - probiotic-rich fermented foods, handcrafted in small batches in glass jars.
PetWants Sparks - natural pet food available for home delivery
Golden Owl Bookshop - independently-owned mobile bookstore
Chicks with Sticks -
Allison Sharpes Design - handmade jewelry - gemstones, sterling silver, gold, and gold fill
Sugar Pie Reno - baked goods also include some vegan and gluten-free options
Pink Elephant Kitchen - organic curry
La Victoria Coffee Co - a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks
Tacos Los Trompos - They make their own salsa, use organic produce, and homemade marinade
2055 Idlewild Drive

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