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RT Permaculture

RT Permaculture is a designing ecological and effective landscapes company owned and operated by Neil Bertrando.
Neil Bertrando is a regenerative specialist who has focused on integrated water harvesting, agroforestry systems, homestead production gardens with season extension, medicinal pollinator habitats, and ecological restoration for over 12 years. He has been a permaculture instructor at OSU since 2014. He holds degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. His ecological design and education firm, RT Permaculture, specializes in effective and regenerative landscapes.

He specializes in Homestead development, drip irrigation, edible and medicinal landscapes, horticulture, water harvesting, erosion control, topsoil generation, weed management plans, agroforestry planning, and crop diversification.

If you have dreams of developing your property to be a fantastic place that is designed to work with nature, be abundant, and get the most enjoyment out of your landscape, Neil is the designer/educator for you.

When you are ready to explore making your property dreams a reality, Neil offers consulting, design, and educational training. Check out his website in the tour notes for more information.

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