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The Waste Less Shop

The Waste Less Shop is a zero-waste and refillery shop that stands by the commitment to sourcing plastic-free alternatives to daily household products that are also made without toxic or harmful ingredients and sourced primarily by small, female-owned businesses.
To achieve carbon neutrality, they donate a portion of each purchase to OneTreePlanted, a non-profit working to reforest our planet. They feel it's essential to support regeneration to care for the earth.
They hope that access to sustainably made and sourced goods continues to improve along with awareness about plastic pollution and climate change. Their company supports policy efforts to hold big polluters accountable, reduce carbon emissions, and eliminate plastics from our daily lives.
The Waste Less Shop has an extensive bulk bar with all household essentials on tap. They also offer the option to customize the scent of products with organic essential oils.
The Waste Less Shop has also been hosting different sustainably focused events each month. They try to partner with local non-profits and other groups to provide free educational workshops on different topics.
To learn more check out their website address and Instagram account details in the tour notes:
7300 Rancharrah Parkway, Suite 120

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