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Use Our Directories to Share Sustainable Resources and Knowledge With Your Local Community:

Online local hubs are collections of local resources for people to live more sustainably and take action with others that help to support local eco-systems and projects that clean and protect the environment.  You can help add to these local directories by sharing things you know of or have researched in your area. A big part of taking local green action is getting the word out.  

Over the years many directories have come and gone.  It takes active work to keep up the information and add to it.  That is why our directories belong to the communities that they serve.  We all have a stake in maintaining this resource for others to learn from.  Our nonprofit is using our shared donated funds to collectively promote and support all green communities and projects across the US. 

Here are some specific ways you can help, if you would like to volunteer:

  • Add events that you know about or are hosting such as: 

    • volunteer opportunities to clean the environment

    • a talk or demonstration on learning more sustainable and eco-friendly practices

    • classes on various environmental and sustainability topics

    • community green fairs

    • conferences

    • community meetings to discuss projects

    • rallies to encourage environmental issue awareness

  • Share small local businesses that provide a service or product that helps people to be sustainable.

  • Share a link to your own locally focused eco website, blog, podcast, video, or online article or someone else's

  • Create a group to take on a community initiative that helps locals to live more sustainably or that helps clean, repair, or protect the environment.

  • Host and share a social media live event (in the event directory) that shares your local-based specific knowledge on how to: 

    • garden organically 

    • practice organic and regenerative farming

    • cook more locally grown whole foods

    • use local resources to live a more zero-waste lifestyle

    • find and participate in local community projects

    • support green local businesses, nonprofits, and groups 

GOGREENLOCALLY Remote Volunteer Team Positions:

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GOGREENLOCALLY ORG. is harnessing the shared knowledge, ideas, insights, and creativity of people across the nation and abroad to make available digital resources/tools, knowledge, and virtual support that helps individuals take action with their communities to champion sustainability, and to clean, protect, and restore the environment.  We welcome new team members that want to contribute their talents to build new resources, offer more helpful connections, and improve existing resources.  These are some of our current volunteer openings:

  • Photographers, graphic artists, and content creators – for shared content libraries

  • Speech and role-playing coaches

  • Facebook local group admins

  • Local community eco-tour research & planning

  • Video editors

  • Environmental issue research

New Volunteer Information Entry Form:

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