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Why These Places are Included in Local Eco-Action Audio Tours:

  1. ​​Why cooperatives? 

  2. Why "thing libraries"?

  3. Why nature preserves, parks, forests?

  4. Why composting?

  5. Why Food Pantries & Community no-waste kitchens? 

  6. Why farmer's markets, co-op, farmstands, or CSAs?

  7. Why local and urban farms?

  8. Why co-working centers?

  9. Why local flower: farms, services, florists?

  10. Why ecological designers, landscaping, and nurseries? 

  11. Why zero waste, bulk bins, and shared bulk purchasing?

  12. Why maker spaces, tool libraries, or repair cafes?

1. Why cooperatives?

3. Why nature preserves & parks

5. Why food pantries & community kitchens?

7. Why local and urban farms?

9. Why local sustainable flower farms?

11. Why zero waste, and bulk bin shopping?

2. Why library of things?

4. Why composting?

6. Why farmer's markets, co-ops, and CSAs?

8. Why co-working centers?

10. Why ecological gardeners, designers, and nurseries

12. Why maker spaces, tool libraries, and repair cafes

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